Daniel Hallmans, Industrial Doctoral Student

Industrial Ph.D. student connected to ITS-EASY. Employed at ÁBB Power Systems HVDC and has a Master of Science in engineering physics from Umeå University.

Evolutionary Aspects of Complex Embedded Systems Architectures. In the context of complex Embedded Systems Architectures (ESAs) we will look at issues related to scalability, and technology transparence: - Scalability. Existing ESAs (at ABB) grow in size and complexity by the day. We will identify which parts of the ESA that scale and to what extent. How should technology decisions be guided such that the components of the ESA allow for a flexible evolution towards larger and more complex applications? What impact will technology decisions make from a life cycle perspective? - Technology transparence. When evolving an application according to new requirements, to which extent is it possible to replace a part of a complex ESA with another, e.g., replacing the network technology with a different one or replacing the multicore chip with a more powerful one perhaps from a different vendor? Which parts could benefit from custom made solutions, and where do we need to rely on standards?