Measurement system for prevention of pressure sores

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Prevention of pressure ulcers through simultaneous measurement of pressure, temperature and blood flow. Background Pressure ulcers arise because of ischaemia in the skin, which is mostly created because of high external pressure. Ischaemia leads to destruction of the cells because of low blood flow, resulting in low oxygen and nutrition supply to the cells, and insufficient transport of waste products away from the cells. Ischaemia is developed when high pressure, shear and high temperature exists, because of their influence on the blood flow through the pelvic region. Shear means that different layers are displaced in relation to each other, this leads to the destruction of vessels and therefore a decrease of the necessary blood flow. Secondary factors for developing of pressure ulcers are exposure time, moisture, lack of nourishment and bad hygiene. Today the hospitals and their buying department have a large and hazardous work when it comes to choose which type of mattresses that will be bought. Every deliver claims that their mattress has the best pressure relieving principle and accumulate the least heat. There are not any standardized measurement methods for evaluating mattresses or compare them. In this project we will measure pressure, temperature and moisture between the patient and mattress and also the blood flow in the tissue. By doing this we should be able to comment on which mattress might be the best one for decreasing the risk of developing pressure ulcers. We also hope to decrease the medical care’s cost for treatment of pressure ulcers and most important, minimize the pain and suffering for the patient. Shear and friction contribute to that the skin and bones are displaced from each other, this leads to damage in the tissue in between, like the blood vessels.

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