Bjarne Johansson, Industrial Doctoral Student

Bjarne Johansson is a Senior Software Developer at ABB IA/CT. He has been working with development of redundant real-time embedded real-time systems for 12 years. Both as a consultant and at different business units within ABB. He joined ABB 2016 and the first project was to develop a redundant communication interface for AC800 M, with placement in Bangalore, India.

Bjarne has an M.Sc. in Computer engineering from MDH. His main research interest include:

  • Real-time systems
  • Embedded systems and IoT
  • High availability software

This PhD project targets research concerning highly available embedded real-time control systems. High availability is crucial in today's control system, achieved with high-quality hardware and software topped with redundancy.

Tomorrow's control systems are more distributed than today's distributed control systems (DCS), bringing challenges when it comes to determinism, communication, and availability. This research aims to find suitable performance and diagnostic measurements to be able to make proper role selection and application deployment choices. This work is carried out in collaboration among ABB IA/PCP and MDH.