Lukas Dust, Doctoral student

Ph.D. student in electronics focusing on scalability in multi-agent robot systems. M.Sc. Computer Science in intelligent embedded systems (MDU). B.Eng. Electrical Engineering in industrial computer science/automation technologies (FH SWF, Germany). Six years of corporative studies in automotive industries with HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA (Forvia). Further past employments and internships at Amazone (agriculture machines), Infineon (semiconductors), and Miba AG (automotive bearings).

Towards scalability in multi-agent robot systems

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Latest publications:

Federated fuzzy learning with imbalanced data (Dec 2021)
Lukas Dust, Marina López Murcia, Petter Nordin , Andreas Mäkilä , Ning Xiong, Francisco Herrera
IEEE Conference on Machine Learning and Applications 2021 (ICMLA'21)

Quantitative analysis of communication handling for centralized multi-agent robot systems using ROS2
Lukas Dust, Emil Persson, Mikael Ekström, Saad Mubeen, Emmanuel Dean
2022 IEEE 20th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN) (INDIN'22)