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The CREATE project is developing an innovative, fully decentralised software architecture for industrial automation systems which is based on modular and autonomously cooperating components called Smart Neighbourhood Modules (SNMs).

Monitoring and quality control modules with standardised interfaces will be an important part in future automation systems. They will also make decisions or assist in decision support for corrective and preventive actions and enable transfer between manual monitoring and control and fully automated control, diagnosis and correction (communicating with following smart neighbourhood module (SNM) that is able to perform corrective actions. By building up and sharing experience amongst the monitoring modules which perform similar tasks, the modules will learn and improve their capabilities. The measurements and decision will follow each manufactured part and can be used for corrective actions, classification or as a reference value later on in the product life cycle.

Results from the project in the area of monitoring, diagnostics and quality control is of value for both Volvo CC and Volvo CE  in order to improve manufacturing and achieve a better integration in the production life cycle process including design, manufacturing, assembly, product use and maintenance.

A Cross domain demonstrator at Volvo Car will integrate selected parts from the different national demonstrators as a "prof of concept".

Mälardalen University is project leader for the sub-project intelligent decision support system for Monitoring, Quality control and Diagnostics (MQD),

Swedish partners:

Volvo Car Corporation: Alf Andersson, PhD, Technology Area Leader, Adj. Professor
Volvo Construction Equipment: Markus Bengtsson, PhD, Maintenance Engineering
SEMA-TEC: Daniel Stenmark Eriksson, CEO

Dutch parners:


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A Data-Driven Approach to Remote Fault Diagnosis of Heavy-duty Machines (Oct 2015)
Tomas Olsson
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Explaining Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis and Classification using Case-based Reasoning (Sep 2014)
Tomas Olsson, Daniel Gillblad, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2014)

Fault Diagnosis of Heavy Duty Machines: Automatic Transmission Clutches (Sep 2014)
Tomas Olsson, Elisabeth Källström , Daniel Gillblad, Peter Funk, John Lindström , Lars Håkansson , Joakim Lundin , Magnus Svensson , Jonas Larsson
Workshop on Synergies between CBR and Data Mining at 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (CBRDM'14)

Potential synergies between case-based reasoning and regression analysis in assembly processes (Sep 2014)
Ivan Tomasic, Peter Funk
Workshop on Synergies between CBR and Data Mining at 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (CBRDM'14)

Automating a car production line adjustments by using case-based reasoning (Sep 2014)
Ivan Tomasic, Alf Andersson , Peter Funk
Swedish Production Symposium 2014 (SPS 2014)

Case-Based Reasoning for Explaining Probabilistic Machine Learning (Apr 2014)
Tomas Olsson, Daniel Gillblad, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT)

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