ITS ESS-H Industrial Graduate School in Reliable Embedded Sensor Systems



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The research field of the Graduate School ITS ESS-H is reliable embedded sensor systems. The area of reliable embedded sensor systems is rapidly developing, and there is a strong pull from users for advanced intelligent sensor systems in many application areas, often in safety-related applications. One application area is health applications, where the systems should help to strengthen or sustain the health of humans. Another area is reliable industrial applications. There are strong synergy effects between different applications areas focusing on reliable embedded sensor systems. This means that results produced within one application area are likely to be applicable also in other application areas. The development of reliable embedded sensor systems means business opportunities, but also a need for competence enhancement in this area. From a scientific point of view, this means that the ITS ESS-H graduate school will contribute to important application areas where the aims are to improve human health and minimize human suffering, and to provide reliable sensor systems for industrial use, also in safety-critical applications.

Maria Lindén, Professor

Room: U1-139
Phone: +46-21-101548

Mats Björkman, Professor

Room: U1-141
Phone: +46-21-107037

Susanne Fronnå, Research Administrator

Room: U3-143
Phone: +46 (0)21 10 73 79