A Digital Twin Framework for Dynamic and Robust Distributed Systems



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D-RODS proposes and validates a framework for a highly autonomous system testing & operation, offering optimal resource utilization and increased resilience to faults via increased system dynamicity. Relevant technologies are digital twin (DT), artificial intelligence (AI), validation and verification (V&V), and 5G.
D-RODS addresses digitalization challenges related to the usage of DTs, touching on several challenges of system automation, in the context of use cases (automation, transportation, telecommunication) coming from 3 major Swedish companies.
D-RODS answers to several call topics: end-to-end AI in development, production, and services; data-driven development; model- and simulation-driven development and optimization using DTs; autonomous systems. It also targets challenges of the circular economy: design and system operation efficiency, lower power consumption, life prolongation of components.
D-RODS proposes a novel architectural set-up uniting DT, AI, V&V technologies, catering for the accuracy and efficiency of employed models by continuous learning and verification. It advances the state of the art by increasing trustfulness in AI approaches via formal assessments. It aims to optimize operations and resource usage, improving maintainability aspects. By an increased quality of design and system management, thus reducing production and operational costs, it allows the industrial
partners to maintain their prominent positions in the international markets.
We disseminate and promote the results within partner companies and at important industrial forums, including standardization organizations. We also plan several scientific publications at first-hand venues, supporting 2 Lic.Sc. theses.

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Tiberiu Seceleanu, Professor

Email: tiberiu.seceleanu@mdu.se
Room: U1-204A