Tobias Holstein, Doctoral student

Tobias Holstein joined Mälardalen University in 2014 as an associate researcher at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. It is a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (h_da). Tobias studied computer science and received two M.Sc. degrees in 2009 (Edinburg Napier University) and 2010 (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt). During the following 5 years he gained professional experience as software developer and software architect in the automotive industry.

In 2013 he joined the In-Car-Multimedia Laboratory at h_da to work with software architectures and unified user interfaces for Multi-OS environments that will be used in future automotive scenarios.

His research interests are within ubiquitous computing, interaction design, software architecture and bridging the gap between software architecture and interaction design to improve the design and development of applications for Multi-OS environments.

Other research projects (currently ongoing):

  • Design Companion, a research project that aims to improve sketching, an important step in the design process which is relevant to many design related professions.
  • Mixed reality simulator for heavy vehicles, here a head-mounted projection display is used to project a virtual world. Natural head-movement is used to control the field of view.
  • Ethics in the Future of Transportation with focus on autonomous driving and self-driving cars

Ubiquitous computing group