Anders Pettersson, Doctoral student (not working at IDT anymore)

Anders Pettersson is a Ph.D. Student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering (IDt) at Mälardalens University (MDH). Anders started his undergraduate studies in 1996, at MDH, and received his Master of Science in Computer Engineering, in August 2000. After receiving his MSc Anders become a Ph.D. student at MDH, doing research in the Tatoo Project at Mälardalens Real-Time Research Center (MRTC). In October 2003 Anders received his Licentiate degree. His licentiate thesis focused on testing of multi-tasking real-time system. Anders main contribution in the thesis is an extension of a method for analysis of real-time systems. Anders is a student member of IEEE and vice chair of the Swedish Software Testing Board (SSTB).

Anders research interest is the process of verification of distributed real-time systems. The process of verification of real-time systems also includes research areas such as instrumentation and debugging. Other research interests are Software Configuration Management and Real-time Operating Systems.