Dag Nyström, Director of Education, Senior Lecturer

Enrolled at Datateknikprogrammet at Mälardalen University in 1997, M.Sc. in computer science in 2000. Earned a Ph.D. at Mälardalen University entitled "Data Management in Vehicle Control-Systems" in 2005 Founded the Spin off company DNKU with the purpose of commercializing his research results in 2006. Has worked as part time post-doc at IDT, and part time product manager at Mimer Information Technology AB, Uppsala. 

Currently Dag is the director of education for IDT and is teaching courses in Computer Systems as well Databases.

Focussing on real-time data management for embedded real-time systems in general. The primary focus is to investigate how data management and real-time database management can be integrated in the development of embedded real-time systems. The focus is both on design time tools and support, and run-time mechanisms.

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Anders Pettersson (former)
Andreas Hjertström (former)
Ewa Hansen (former)
Simin Cai (former)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Efficient time-series storage for enabling IoT device intelligence available
Realtime synchronisation between database model and structured query language in progress
Taxonomi för databashanterare in progress
A point of care terminal for COPD home management finished
Analysis of Time-related Properties in Real-time Data Aggregation Design finished
Click4Alert: Mobile Fault Report finished
Databashantering av Robotkonfigurationsdata finished
Design och implementation av en databas för små inbyggda realtidssystem finished
Evaluation of real-time databases in a control-system setting finished
Fallskärmsmanifesteringsprogram finished
Graphical visualization and analysis tool of data entities in embedded systems engineering. finished
Implement and evaluate Mimer database on INtime finished
Implementation av en Databas i ett hårt realtidssystem finished
Implementationsanalys av databaser i inbyggda system finished
Principles of a Central Database for Interfaces Regarding TCMS, PIS and CCTV Systems finished
Real-Time Database Management Support in a Component Framework finished
Replikering av kunddata i DMZ miljö finished
SQLite in a Robot Control System finished
Touch gestures for process graphics finished
Utveckling av fondförsäkringssystem finished
Virtual environment for assembler code diagnosis finished
Web based adress book finished
Datamodeller från industrin on-hold