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Software Center is a collaboration between five academic partners and thirteen companies, dedicated to accelerating industrial digitalization and to support a continuous exchange of knowledge between the companies. Research is organized in short 6-month sprints, carried out in close collaboration between industrial and academic partners, with the aim to produce both excellent academic results and concrete value to companies each sprint. For more information, visit

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An Ontology-based Representation for Shaping Product Evolution in Regulated Industries (Jul 2024)
Barbara Gallina, Henrik Dibowski , Markus Schweizer
21st International Conference on Software and Systems Reuse (ICSR-2024)

Safety of the Intended Functionality: What about Mental Harm? (Apr 2024)
Barbara Gallina
8th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety (CARS-2024)

An Extension of the Rasmussen Socio-technical System for Continuous Safety Assurance (Apr 2024)
Barbara Gallina, Peter Munk , Markus Schweizer
8th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety (CARS-2024)

A Knowledge Management Strategy for Seamless Compliance with the Machinery Regulation (Sep 2023)
Barbara Gallina, Thomas Young Olesen , Eszter Parajdi , Mike Aarup
30th European & Asian System, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation (EuroAsiaSPI2-23)

Understanding Problem Solving in Software Testing: An Exploration of Tester Routines and Behavior (Sep 2023)
Eduard Paul Enoiu, Gregory Gay , Jameel Esber , Robert Feldt
IFIP-ICTSS 35th International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS 2023)

Accelerating Digital Transformation (Oct 2022)
Jan Bosch , Jan Carlson, Helena Holmström Olsson , Kristian Sandhal , Miroslaw Staron

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