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Coordination Models and Languages - 24th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, COORDINATION 2022, Held as Part of the 17th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques, DisCoTec 2022, Lucca, Italy, June 13-17, 2022, Proceedings (2022)
Marjan Sirjani, Maurice H. ter Beek

Software Architecture
Stefan Biffl , Elena Navarro , Welf Löwe , Marjan Sirjani, Raffaela Mirandola , Danny Weyns
15th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA 2021)

Principles of Modeling: Essays Dedicated to Edward A. Lee on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday (Jul 2018)
Marten Lohstroh , Patricia Derler , Marjan Sirjani

Software Engineering and Formal Methods (Aug 2017)
Alessandro Cimatti , Marjan Sirjani
Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM)

Book chapter (6)

Using Afra in Different Domains by Tool Orchestration (Jul 2021)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Pavle Mrvaljevic , Anas Fattouh, Marjan Sirjani
Springer International Publishing (Cham)

Integration and Orchestration of Analysis Tools (Jul 2021)
Robert Heinrich , Erwan Bousse , Sandro Koch , Arend Rensink , Elvinia Riccobene , Daniel Ratiu , Marjan Sirjani

Power is Overrated, Go for Friendliness! Expressiveness, Faithfulness, and Usability in Modeling: The Actor Experience (Jun 2018)
Marjan Sirjani
Principles of Modeling (POM)

Reo Connectors and Components as Tagged Signal Models (Apr 2018)
Marjan Sirjani, Fatemeh Ghasemi , Bahman Pourvatan

Fundamentals of Software Engineering - 6th International Conference, FSEN 2015 Tehran, Iran, April 22-24, 2015, Revised Selected Papers (Sep 2015)
Mehdi Dastani , Marjan Sirjani
International Conference on Fundamentals of Software Engineering (FSEN 2015)

Fundamentals of Software Engineering (selected papers of FSEN 2013) (Feb 2015)
Hossein Hojjat , Marjan Sirjani, Farhad Arbab

Journal article (27)

CRYSTAL framework: Cybersecurity assurance for cyber-physical systems (Apr 2024)
Fereidoun Moradi, Sara Abbaspour, Bahman Pourvatan , Zahra Moezkarimi, Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming (JLAMP)

Tiny Twins for detecting cyber-attacks at runtime using concise Rebeca time transition (Feb 2024)
Fereidoun Moradi, Bahman Pourvatan , Sara Abbaspour, Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC 185)

Magnifier: A Compositional Analysis Approach for Autonomous Traffic Control (Jan 2022)
Maryam Bagheri , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Christel Baier , Ali Movaghar
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)

Specification and Verification of Timing Properties in Interoperable Medical Systems (2022)
JOHN HATCLIFF , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Fatemeh Ghasemi , Mahsa Zarneshan
Logical Methods in Computer Science (LMCS)

Towards a Verification-Driven Iterative Development of Software for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems (May 2021)
Marjan Sirjani, Luciana Provenzano, Sara Abbaspour, Mahshid Helali Moghadam, Mehrdad Saadatmand
Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA)

An actor-based framework for asynchronous event-based cyber-physical systems (Apr 2021)
Iman Jahandideh , Fatemeh Ghasemi , Marjan Sirjani
Software and Systems Modeling (SoSym)

Safe Design of Flow Management Systems Using Rebeca (Sep 2020)
Giorgio Forcina, Ali Sedaghatbaf, Stephan Baumgart, Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Pavle Mrvaljevic , Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Information Processing (IPSJ)

Verification of Cyberphysical Systems (Jul 2020)
Marjan Sirjani, Edward Lee, Ehsan Khamespanah
Mathematics (Mathematics)

VeriVANca framework: verification of VANETs by property-based message passing of actors in Rebeca with inheritance (Jun 2020)
Farnaz Yousefi , Ehsan Khamespanah , Mohammed Gharib , Marjan Sirjani, Ali Movaghar
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)

Specification and Verification of Timing Properties in Interoperable Medical Systems (2020)
Mahsa Zarneshan , Fatemeh Ghasemi , Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, JOHN HATCLIFF

A Compositional Approach for Reliable Adaptation of Track-based Traffic Control Systems at Runtime (Apr 2019)
Maryam Bagheri , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Ali Movaghar
Computing Research Repository (CoRR)

Actor-based macroscopic modeling and simulation for smart urban planning (Dec 2018)
Jacopo de Berardinis , Marjan Sirjani, Giorgio Forcina, Ali Jafari
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)

Modeling and analyzing real-time wireless sensor and actuator networks using actors and model checking (Oct 2018)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Kirill Mechitov , Gul Agha
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)

Coordinated Actor Model of Self-adaptive Track-based Traffic Control Systems (May 2018)
Maryam Bagheri , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Narges Khakpour , Ilge Akkaya , Ali Movaghar , Edward Lee
Journal of Systems and Software (JSS)

An efficient TCTL model checking algorithm and a reduction technique for verification of timed actor models (Feb 2018)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Ramtin Khosravi , Marjan Sirjani
Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier (SCICO)

Runtime compositional analysis of track-based traffic control systems (Nov 2017)
Maryam Bagheri , Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Ali Movaghar , Edward Lee

A compositional approach for modeling and timing analysis of wireless sensor and actuator networks (Nov 2017)
Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Kirill Mechitov , Gul Agha

A Survey of Active Object Languages (Nov 2017)
Marjan Sirjani, Frank de Boer , Ehsan Khamespanah , Ludovic Henrio , Kiko Fernandez-Reyes , Albert Mingkun Yang
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR 2017)

Compositional schedulability analysis of real-time actor-based systems (Jun 2017)
Mohammad Mahdi Jaghoori , Frank de Boer , Delphine Longuet , Tom Chothia , Marjan Sirjani
Acta Informatica (Acta2016)

PTRebeca: Modeling and analysis of distributed and asynchronous systems (Oct 2016)
Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Holger Hermanns , Mateo Cimini
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO-223)

Statistical model checking of Timed Rebeca models (Apr 2016)
Marjan Sirjani, Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Haukur Kristinsson , Brynjar Magnusson
Computer Languages, Systems & Structures 45 (Computer LS&S 45)

State Distribution Policy for Distributed Model Checking of Actor Models (Dec 2015)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Mohammad Reza Mousavi , Zeynab Sabahi-Kaviani , Mohamadreza Razzazi
Electronic Communications of the EASST 72 (ECEASST 72)

Formal semantics and efficient analysis of Timed Rebeca in Real-Time Maude (Dec 2015)
Zeynab Sabahi-Kaviani , Ramtin Khosravi , Peter Cronemyr , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)

Timed Rebeca schedulability and deadlock freedom analysis using bounded floating time transition system (Feb 2015)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Zeynab Sabahi-Kaviani , Ramtin Khosravi , Mohammad-Javad Izadi
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)

Performance analysis of distributed and asynchronous systems using probabilistic timed actors (Nov 2014)
Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Holger Hermanns
Electronic Communications of the EASST Volume 70: Automated Verification of Critical Systems (EASST'14)

Modelling and simulation of asynchronous real-time systems using Timed Rebeca (Sep 2014)
Arni Hermann Reynisson , Marjan Sirjani, Luca Aceto , Matteo Cimin , Ali Jafari , Anna Ingólfsdóttir
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)

Functional and performance analysis of network-on-chips using actor-based modeling and formal verification (Feb 2014)
Zeinab Sharifi , Mahdi mosaffa , Siamak Mohammadi , Marjan Sirjani
Electronic Communications of the EASST (ECEASST)

Conference/Workshop Paper (43)

Guess and then Check: Controller Synthesis for Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems (Jul 2024)
Rong Gu, Zahra Moezkarimi, Marjan Sirjani
44th International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems (FORTE 2024)

Combining model-based development and formal verification of a complex ROS2 multi-robots system using Timed Rebeca (Jun 2024)
Hiep Hong Trinh, Marjan Sirjani, Fereidoun Moradi, Antonio Cicchetti, Federico Ciccozzi
International Workshop on Reliability Engineering Methods for Autonomous Robots – REMARO 2024 (REMARO2024)

From TARA to Test: Automated Automotive Cybersecurity Test Generation Out of Threat Modeling (Dec 2023)
Stefan Marksteiner, Christoph Schmittner , Korbinian Christl , Dejan Nickovic , Mikael Sjödin, Marjan Sirjani
7th ACM Computer Science in Cars Symposium (CSCS'23)

Enhancing CRYSTAL: Preventive Recovery in Brief (Nov 2023)
Fereidoun Moradi, Zahra Moezkarimi, Marjan Sirjani

Using Automata Learning for Compliance Evaluation of Communcation Protocols on an NFC Handshake Example (Oct 2023)
Stefan Marksteiner, Marjan Sirjani, Mikael Sjödin
8th International Conference on Engineering of Computer-based Systems (ECBS2023)

Model Checking of Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contracts
Elmira Ebrahimi , Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Siamak Mohammadi
International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2023)

Learning Activation Functions for Adversarial Attack Resilience in CNNs (Jun 2023)
Maghsood Salimi, Mohammad Loni, Marjan Sirjani
The 22nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC 2023)

SARAF: Searching for Adversarial Robust Activation Functions (Jun 2023)
Maghsood Salimi, Mohammad Loni, Marjan Sirjani, Antonio Cicchetti, Sara Abbaspour
The 6th International Conference on Machine Vision and Applications (ICMVA'2023)

Transparent Actor Model
Fatemeh Ghasemi , Marjan Sirjani, Ehsan Khamespanah , Mahrokh Mirani , Hossein Hojjat
International Conference on Formal Methods in Software Engineering (FormaliSE 2023)

Afra: An Eclipse-Based Tool with Extensible Architecture for Modeling and Model Checking of Rebeca Family Models
Ehsan Khamespanah , Marjan Sirjani, Ramtin Khosravi
International Conference on Fundamentals of Software Engineering (FSEN 2023)

Schedulability Analysis of WSAN Applications: Outperformance of a Model Checking Approach (Sep 2022)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Morteza Mohaqeqi , Mohammad Ashjaei, Marjan Sirjani
International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory (ETFA'2022)

POSTER: Towards Cyber Resilience of Cyber-Physical Systems using Tiny Twins (Aug 2022)
Fereidoun Moradi, Sara Abbaspour, Marjan Sirjani
7th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P 2022)

Monitoring Cyber-Physical Systems Using a Tiny Twin to Prevent Cyber-Attacks (Aug 2022)
Fereidoun Moradi, Maryam Bagheri , Hanieh Rahmati , Hamed Yazdi , Sara Abbaspour, Marjan Sirjani

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