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Doctoral Thesis (13)

Risk Assessment and Safety Measures for Intelligent and Collaborative Automation (Sep 2023)
Atieh Hanna

Efficient Design of Scalable Deep Neural Networks for Resource-Constrained Edge Devices (Oct 2022)
Mohammad Loni

Formal Methods for Scalable Synthesis and Verification of Autonomous Systems (May 2022)
Rong Gu

Toward Dependable Multiple Path Planning for Autonomous Robots with Obstacle Avoidance and Congestion Control (Jan 2022)
LanAnh Trinh

Automatic Characterization and Mitigation ofShared-resource Contention in Multi-coreSystems (Nov 2021)
Jakob Danielsson

Space Computing using COTS Heterogeneous Platforms (Nov 2021)
Nandinbaatar Tsog

Modeling and Control of the Collaborative Behavior of Adaptive Autonomous Agents (Jun 2020)
Mirgita Frasheri

Utilizing Hardware Monitoring to Improve the Quality of Service and Performance of Industrial Systems (Oct 2018)
Marcus Jägemar

Quality Assurance for Dependable Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Andreas Johnsen

An Ontological Approach to Safety Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems (Jan 2018)
Jiale Zhou

A Model-driven Development Approach with Temporal Awareness for Vehicular Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Alessio Bucaioni

Consolidating Automotive Real-Time Applications on Many-Core Platforms (Dec 2017)
Matthias Becker
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Configuration and Timing Analysis of TSN- based Distributed Embedded Systems
Bahar Houtan

Licentiate Thesis (10)

Extending and Improving the Security Abstraction Model for Architectural Models of Autonomous Vehicles (Jun 2023)
Matthias Bergler

End-to-end QoS Mapping and Traffic Forwarding in Converged TSN-5G Networks (Apr 2023)
Zenepe Satka

Safety Critical Software - Test Coverage vs Remaining Faults (Apr 2022)
Johan Sundell

Configuring and Analysing TSN Networks Considering Low-priority Traffic (Dec 2021)
Bahar Houtan

Improving Soft Real-Time Performance of Fog Computing (Sep 2021)
Václav Struhár

Towards intelligent and collaborative automation of automotive final assembly (Apr 2021)
Atieh Hanna

DeepMaker: Customizing the Architecture of Convolutional Neural Networks for Resource-Constrained Platforms (Dec 2020)
Mohammad Loni

Automatic Model Generation and Scalable Verification for Autonomous Vehicles (Jun 2020)
Rong Gu

Improving On-Board Data Processing using CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architectures for Real-Time Systems (Dec 2019)
Nandinbaatar Tsog

Characterization of Shared Resource Contention in Multi-core Systems (Aug 2019)
Jakob Danielsson

Book (5)

Coordination Models and Languages - 24th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, COORDINATION 2022, Held as Part of the 17th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques, DisCoTec 2022, Lucca, Italy, June 13-17, 2022, Proceedings (2022)
Marjan Sirjani, Maurice H. ter Beek

Software Architecture
Stefan Biffl , Elena Navarro , Welf Löwe , Marjan Sirjani, Raffaela Mirandola , Danny Weyns
15th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA 2021)

Domain-Specific Languages in Practice with JetBrains MPS (Jul 2021)
Antonio Bucchiarone , Antonio Cicchetti, Federico Ciccozzi, Alfonso Pierantonio

Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning (May 2020)
Masoud Daneshtalab, Mehdi Modarressi
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Principles of Modeling: Essays Dedicated to Edward A. Lee on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday (Jul 2018)
Marten Lohstroh , Patricia Derler , Marjan Sirjani

Book chapter (13)

Using Afra in Different Domains by Tool Orchestration (Jul 2021)
Ehsan Khamespanah , Pavle Mrvaljevic , Anas Fattouh, Marjan Sirjani
Springer International Publishing (Cham)

Integration and Orchestration of Analysis Tools (Jul 2021)
Robert Heinrich , Erwan Bousse , Sandro Koch , Arend Rensink , Elvinia Riccobene , Daniel Ratiu , Marjan Sirjani

Engineering Gameful Applications with MPS (Jul 2021)
Antonio Bucchiarone , Antonio Cicchetti, Annapaola Marconi

Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems for the Multi-Target $\kappa$-Coverage Problem (Mar 2021)
Mirgita Frasheri , Lukas Esterle , Alessandro Papadopoulos
Agents and Artificial Intelligence (A&AI)

Introduction to Edge Computing (Jun 2020)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Yogesh Sharma , Michel Gokan Khan , Javid Taheri

Open Source Projects for Edge Computing (Jun 2020)
Michel Gokan Khan , Auday Al-Dulaimy, Mohammad Ali Khoshkholghi , Javid Taheri

Computation reuse-aware accelerator for neural networks (May 2020)
Hoda Mahdiani , Alireza Khadem , Ali Yasoubi , Azam Ghanbari , Mehdi Modarressi , Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Hardware Acceleration for Recurrent Neural Networks (May 2020)
Sima Sinaei, Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Feedforward Neural Networks on Massively Parallel Architectures (May 2020)
Reza Hojabr , Ahmad Khonsari , Mehdi Modarressi , Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Multi-Agent Mission Planning Problems (Jan 2020)
Branko Miloradovic, Baran Çürüklü, Mikael Ekström, Alessandro Papadopoulos
Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS)

Reo Connectors and Components as Tagged Signal Models (Apr 2018)
Marjan Sirjani, Fatemeh Ghasemi , Bahman Pourvatan

Multiobjectivism in Dark Silicon Age (Apr 2018)
Amin Rezaei , Masoud Daneshtalab, Hai Zhou
Elsevier Advances in Computers (Computers)

Modeling, Designing and Analyzing Resource Reservations in Distributed Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Mohammad Ashjaei, Nima Khalilzad, Saad Mubeen
Real-time Modelling and Processing for Communication Systems. Applications and Practices (SpringerBook'18)

Collection (Editor) (1)

Theme section on Interplay of Model-Driven and Component-Based Software Engineering (Sep 2020)
Federico Ciccozzi, Antonio Cicchetti
Software and Systems Modeling (SoSym)

Journal article (137)

Tiny Twins for detecting cyber-attacks at runtime using concise Rebeca time transition (Feb 2024)
Fereidoun Moradi, Bahman Pourvatan , Sara Abbaspour, Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC 185)

Assessing Risk of AR and Organizational Changes Factors in Socio-technical Robotic Manufacturing (Jan 2024)
Soheila Sheikh Bahaei, Barbara Gallina
Journal of Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Vol.88, 102731 (RCIM-2024)

Selective Trimmed Average: A Resilient Federated Learning Algorithm With Deterministic Guarantees on the Optimality Approximation (Jan 2024)
Mojtaba Kaheni, Martina Lippi , Andrea Gasparri , Mauro Franceschelli
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (IEEE TCyb)

Hierarchical Resource Orchestration Framework for Real-Time Containers (Jan 2024)
Václav Struhár, Silviu Craciunas , Mohammad Ashjaei, Moris Behnam, Alessandro Papadopoulos
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS 2024)

A Systematic Literature Review on Hardware Reliability Assessment Methods for Deep Neural Networks (Jan 2024)
Mohammad Ahmadilivani , Mahdi Taheri , Jaan Raik , Masoud Daneshtalab, Maksim Jenihhin
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)

Dealing with Jamming Attacks in Uplink Pairwise NOMA Using Outage Analysis, Smart Relaying and Redundant Transmissions (Dec 2023)
Van Lan Dao, Elisabeth Uhlemann, Svetlana Girs
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJCOMS)

A Global Survey of Standardization and Industry Practices of Automotive Cybersecurity Validation and Verification Testing Processes and Tools (Nov 2023)
Andrew Roberts , Stefan Marksteiner, Mujdat Soyturk , Berkay Yaman , Yi Yang
SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles (JCAV)

Synergies of Operation, Information, and Communication Technology for Solving New Societal and Industrial Challenges: Future Directions (Oct 2023)
Wenbin Dai , Paulo Leitao , Kim Fung Tsang , Yang Shi , Gerhard Hancke , Lei Shu , Moris Behnam, Vyatkin Valeriy

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