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Doctoral Thesis (3)

Wearable Pedobarography System for Monitoring of Walk Related Parameters (Oct 2019)
Per Hellström

Real-time signal processing in MEMS sensor-based motion analysis systems (Mar 2019)
Jiaying Du

Measurement System for Microwave Imaging Towards a Biomedical Application (May 2014)
Nikola Petrovic

Licentiate Thesis (6)

Wireless Wearable Measurement System Based on Pedobarography for Monitoring of Health (Sep 2016)
Per Hellström

Signal processing for MEMS sensor based motion analysis system (May 2016)
Jiaying Du

High Performance Breath Analysis (Jan 2016)
Jonas Ljungblad

Wireless Measurement Systems for Health and Safety (Oct 2015)
Torbjörn Ödman

Remote Monitoring and Automatic Fall Detection for Elderly People at Home (Jun 2015)
Gregory Koshmak

Proposing Combined Approaches to Remove ECG Artifacts from Surface EMG Signals (Apr 2015)
Sara Abbaspour

Book (1)

Body Sensors and Electrocardiography (Aug 2017)
Roman Trobec, Ivan Tomasic, Aleksandra Rashkovska , Matjaž Depolli , Viktor Avbelj

Book chapter (5)

Embedded Sensor Systems for Health in Home Healthcare: Enablers and Challenges (May 2018)
Maria Lindén, Mats Björkman, Miguel Angel Valero
Encyclopedia of E-Health and Telemedicine (ENCEHT)

Survey on Data Security and Privacy in Wireless Sensor Systems for Health (Nov 2017)
Aida Causevic, Hossein Fotouhi, Kristina Lundqvist
Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems: Foundations, Principles and Applications (Wiley)

The Role of Smart Homes in Intelligent Homecare and Healthcare Environments (Jul 2017)
L Vadillo Morenoa , M L Martín Ruiza , J Malagón , Miguel Angel Valero , Maria Lindén
Ambient Assisted Living and Enhanced Living Environments: Principles, Technologies and Control (aaleleptc)

Smartphone-based Blood Pressure Monitoring for Falls Risk Assessment (Jul 2017)
Hamid GholamHosseini, Mirza Mansoor Baig , A Meintjes , Mirza Farhaan, Maria Lindén
Human Monitoring, Smart Health and Assisted Living: Techniques and Technologies (hash)

A Decision Support System for Cardiac Disease Diagnosis Based on Machine Learning Methods (Jul 2017)
Arash Ghareh Baghi, Maria Lindén, Ankica Babic
Informatics for Health: Connected Citizen-Led Wellness and Population Health (IHCCLWPH)

Journal article (41)

Clinical Sensor-Based Fall Risk Assessment at an Orthopedic Clinic: A Case Study of the Staff’s Views on Utility and Effectiveness (Feb 2023)
Maria Ehn, Annica Kristoffersson
Sensors (Sensors)

Icke-invasiv mikrovågsteknik ger ny möjlighet att diagnostisera tumörer (Feb 2021)
Per Olov Risman, Nikola Petrovic
Onkologi i Sverige ((OIS))

A Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Human Activity Recognition (Oct 2020)
Saedeh Abbaspour Gildeh, Faranak Fotouhi , Ali Sedaghatbaf, Hossein Fotouhi, Maryam Vahabi, Maria Lindén
Sensors Journal (Sensors)

Various Diffraction Effects And Their Importance For Detection Of Inhomogeneites In Human Tissues (Aug 2020)
Nikola Petrovic, Per Olov Risman
Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics and Energetics (FU Elec Energ)

Novel Weight Estimation Analyses and the Development of the Wearable IngVaL System for Monitoring of Health Related Walk Parameters (Jun 2020)
Per Hellström, Mia Folke
International journal on advances in life sciences, volume 12, numbers 1 and 2, 2020 (LifSciVol12)

A Vision based Indoor Navigation System for Individual with Visual Impairment (May 2020)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Mohammed Ghaith Altarabichi, Shahina Begum, Fredrik Ginsberg , Robert Glaes , Magnus Östgren , Hamidur Rahman, Magnus Sörensen
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJAI)

Weight-Bearing Estimation for Cane Users by Using Onboard Sensors (Jan 2019)
Joaquin Ballesteros, Alberto Tudela , Juan Rafael Caro-Romero , Cristina Urdiales
Sensors Journal (Sensors)

A Deep Machine Learning Method for Classifying Cyclic Time Series of Biological Signals Using Time-Growing Neural Network (Sep 2018)
Arash Ghareh Baghi, Maria Lindén
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (IEEE T N N L S)

Evaluation of the IngVaL Pedobarography System for Monitoring of Walking Speed (May 2018)
Per Hellström, Anna Åkerberg, Martin Ekström, Mia Folke
Healthcare Informatics Research (HIR)

Signal Quality Improvement Algorithms for MEMS Gyroscope-Based Human Motion Analysis Systems: A Systematic Review (Apr 2018)
Jiaying Du, Christer Gerdtman, Maria Lindén
Sensors (Special Issue on Sensor Signal and Information Processing) (Sensors)

Continuous remote monitoring of COPD patients - Justification and explanation of the requirements and a survey of the available technologies (Mar 2018)
Ivan Tomasic, Nikica Tomasic , Roman Trobec, Miroslav Krpan , Tomislav Kelava
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (MBEC)

The meal as a performance: food and meal practices beyond health and nutrition
Maria Nyberg , Viktoria Olsson , Gerd Örtman , Zada Pajalic , Håkan S. Andersson , Anna Blücher , Ann-Louise Lindborg, Karin Wendin , Albert Westergren
Ageing and Society (Ageing & Society)

In-Vehicle Stress Monitoring Based on EEG Signal (Jul 2017)
Shahina Begum, Shaibal Barua, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed
International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA)

A Systematic Review of Wearable Patient Monitoring Systems - Current Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical Adoption (Jul 2017)
Mirza Mansoor Baig , Hamid GholamHosseini, Aasia A. Moqeem, Mirza Farhaan, Maria Lindén
Journal of medical systems (jms)

Curious, Thoughtful and Affirmative - Young Children’s Meanings of Participation in Healthcare Situations when using an Interactive Communication Tool (May 2017)
Anna Stålberg, Anette Sandberg , Thomas Larsson, Imelda Coyne , Maja Söderbäck
Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN, 2017)

mRPL+: A mobility management framework in RPL/6LoWPAN (May 2017)
Hossein Fotouhi, Daniel Moreira , Mário Alves , Patrick Meumeu Yomsi
Elsevier Journal on Computer Communications (COMCOM)

A signal processing algorithm for improving the performance of a gyroscopic head-borne computer mouse (May 2017)
Jiaying Du, Christer Gerdtman, Arash Ghareh Baghi, Maria Lindén
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (BSPC)

An Intelligent Healthcare Service to Monitor Vital Signs in Daily Life – A Case Study on Health-IoT (Mar 2017)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed
International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA)

Technologies for physical activity self-monitoring: a study of differences between users and non-users (Feb 2017)
Anna Åkerberg, Anne Söderlund, Maria Lindén
Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine (OAJSM)

The child's perspective as a guiding principle: Young children as co-designers of an interactive application to facilitate participation in healthcare situations (Jun 2016)
Anna Stålberg, Anette Sandberg , Maja Söderbäck , Thomas Larsson
Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI, 61)

Investigation of the validity and reliability of a smartphone pedometer application (May 2016)
Anna Åkerberg, Anne Söderlund, Maria Lindén
European Journal of Physiotherapy (EJP)

Development and Evaluation of Algorithms for Breath Alcohol Screening (Apr 2016)
Jonas Ljungblad, Bertil Hök, Mikael Ekström
Sensors (SENSC9)

A Novel Method for Screening Children with Isolated Bicuspid Aortic Valve (Dec 2015)
Arash Ghareh Baghi, Thierry Dutoit , Amir A. Sepehri , Armen Kocharian , Maria Lindén
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology (CVET)

Differential evolution enhanced with eager random search for solving real-parameter optimization problems (Dec 2015)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Ning Xiong
International Journal of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence, 2015 (IJARAI-15)

Challenges and Issues in Multisensor Fusion Approach for Fall Detection: Review Paper (Dec 2015)
Gregory Koshmak, Maria Lindén, Amy Loutfi

Foundation of a smart toy development for the early detection of motoric impairments at childhood (Dec 2015)
maria Louisa Martin-Ruiz , Miguel Angel Valero , Maria Lindén, Susana Nunez-Nagy , Angeles Gutierrez Garcia
int j pediatr res (int j ped res)

A Novel Approach for Removing ECG Interferences from Surface EMG signals Using a Combined ANFIS and Wavelet (Nov 2015)
Sara Abbaspour, Ali Fallah , Maria Lindén, Hamid GholamHosseini
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology (J Electromyogr)

Unobtrusive and Highly Accurate Breath Alcohol Analysis Enabled by Improved Methodology and Technology (Oct 2014)
Jonas Ljungblad, Bertil Hök, Annika Kaisdotter Andersson (Jonsson), Mikael Ekström, Mats Enlund
Journal of Forensic Investigation (JFI)

Antenna applicator design for microwave imaging of the interior of human breasts (Sep 2014)
Nikola Petrovic, Magnus Otterskog, Per Olov Risman
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (IOP)

REALFLOW: Reliable Real-Time Flooding-Based Routing Protocol for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (Jul 2014)
Kan Yu, Zhibo Pang , Mikael Gidlund , Johan Åkerberg, Mats Björkman
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN)

Review of Vital Signs Monitoring Systems – Patient’s Acceptability, Issues and Challenges (Jun 2014)
Mirza Mansoor Baig , Hamid GholamHosseini, Maria Lindén, Martin J Connolly
Journal of Neurscience and Biomedical Eningineering (JNBE)

Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Context-Aware Fall Risk Assessment (May 2014)
Gregory Koshmak, Maria Lindén, Amy Loutfi
Sensors (SENSC9)

A Combination Method for Electrocardiogram Rejection from Surface Electromyogram (Mar 2014)
Sara Abbaspour, Ali Fallah
The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal (TOBEJ)

Removing ECG Artifact from the Surface EMG Signal Using Adaptive Subtraction Technique (Mar 2014)
Sara Abbaspour, Ali Fallah

Estimating the universal positions of wireless body electrodes for measuring cardiac electrical activity (Dec 2013)
Ivan Tomasic, Sabina Frljak , Roman Trobec
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME)

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